When you Least Expect it

That’s when certain things happen. Like this article, what do you know!

Photo by Jarosław Kwoczała on Unsplash

True Love
Just when you feel so good about yourself. You don’t need anyone, you don’t care about sex, you’re walking on the street owning it, strutting, smiling, breathing in life. BOOM! Love finds you and the feeling of content you so willingly breathed in is now a memory. Secretly, you know it was the right time, a little longer and that air becomes suffocating not having anyone to share it with. You, of course, will never admit it, you’ll always think of the times ‘back then’ as the best five minutes of your life.

Muscle Pain
It’s another lovely morning, you are having breakfast at this beautiful place by the sea, not thinking about much, when suddenly you try to get up and a sharp back ache makes you appreciate the problems you had a second ago. You now have to somehow make it home, to bed, to the bathroom when possible, to oblivion preferably and bite your lips every time you try to move or breathe for that matter. Please dry your hair before you go out next time. Your mum was right, she’s not your mum for nothing.

Lost Found
I knew it was here! Yes! That thing you spend a fortune on, that book you love, that 50-dollar bill you didn’t know you had. It all turns up at some point when you least expect it and they feel like a gift, a surprise, a treat! How awesome to find money in your pockets! Although it’s always been yours, it feels like you won the lottery. It’s your lucky day! What should I spend it on? Who should I tell? Who cares? Aren’t we humans silly?

New Friends
There used to be this old-fashioned value, that hopefully in now dead; your good friends are your oldest friends. Nope. Friends are the people you share views with. They can come in any point in life! If along the way, you find yourself in a different mind frame for whatever reason, it’s not possible to maintain ‘old views’ people. It’s just hard to ignore the chasm, and life’s too short after a certain age to justify actions that aren’t justifiable. It’s not somebody’s fault. it’s just life and the choices we make that define us.

Who Knows
Some people think it’s all in the cards, that nothing is by chance. Luck doesn’t exist and so on. I like to think that we make certain decisions, maybe subconsciously but still, that we are open to change at certain points, that our tolerance wears off with time which is great. Bad shit makes us appreciate the good shit and lost but found money makes us appreciate shit, cause we spent it like it wasn’t ours in the first place. Don’t do the same with life. Make room for the unexpected, even if it was meant to be all along.

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Enjoying writing as much as the next person (I guess). Thank you for coming. Please stay.

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