Coffee Thoughts

Sipping the first coffee of the day, pondering on life this Saturday morning. You?

The nutritionist

We are a lovely group of three going to the same nutritionist (not by mistake, obviously). This guy is awesome if only for one thing. He lets you drink as much wine as you want. There’s his selling point right there. He instantly opened his door to all the women who fall asleep with a half empty bottle of CabSauv in their arms. The crazy thing is, we do lose weight!?! to which I only have one thing to say…imagine how much we ate before!

The remote working

Working from home, going to the toilet whenever you want, wearing your PJs and being there when the secret online shopping is delivered (and immediately hidden). Ain’t that great!? Yes, but then you also work more, you stand less and don’t get to see the city or any of your bras for days…So it’s a balanced deal I suppose and by balanced I mostly mean the bowel movements.

The dinners and lunches

Do we go out? Do we not? Is it safe? Let’s do it cause they’re gonna lock us up and then it’s all pizza deliveries and God forbid daily cooking! So, going out became an almost daily ordeal under the threat that soon it will all shut down again and then we will all have to open our own bottles of wine and start doing some customer-waiter role playing, tipping each other at the end while sitting on the sofa winning about it. Brats.

The friends you don’t really want to see

I love this one. There’s no better cover than this situation we’re in. You secretly thank the scientists for not having found a way to kill this thing yet. Not being able to see people because of the virus is the highest blessing. I love not having to find other kinds of excuses like I got my period, I have a bday party somewhere, I have to work, I’m going to the Moon for the weekend, you know…the usual.

The Gym

I could not bring myself to go back to the gym. I am afraid that all the tiny sweaty molecules of effort will be exchanged and carried home and then Boom! everyone’s sick. The thing is, I don’t know anyone who got the virus from the gym but then again I also don’t know anyone who rollerblades, so there you have it.


You know by now I put coffee up there to lure you. It worked, didn’t it? You got to read a nice little piece of something. You’re welcome. When was the last time you read anything but Insta posts? Right. So, jokes aside, I just love coffee and if I could, I would name all my pieces Coffee. Actually I might from now on cause why not. Laters.
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