Lazy Sundays

It’s so hot right now, sitting motionless at the kitchen table, sipping the last bit of what previously was my iced coffee, I cannot begin to describe how even typing is hardship. At the same time, my man is watching Dark in high volume (don’t know why, he doesn’t speak German) and as you can imagine the aural situation adds some extra charm to the hellish heat and the Sunday afternoon terror.

I have a terrible back pain I probably acquired from our day at the beach yesterday that I’m trying to get rid of but other than that, I don’t have any goals set for today, just to make some rice for the meatballs I cooked and have some wine to forget tomorrow is Monday and I have to pretend to be a responsible adult.

There are several ways to make your Sundays useful but what’s described above is definitely not one of them. However, some times you need to be doing nothing in order for something to happen. For example, I am doing nothing today so my man, probably seeing my stillness decided to do everything around the house like polishing the door knobs and recycling old cables.

I felt guilty for a moment for sitting around like a decorative piece but then I thought well, maybe that’s what I need to be today. Decorative. Then he started descaling the water pipes or something and I thought things are getting serious so now I have to put up with the German lady screaming at some guy who buried a body in the woods to wash off my shame for not helping out all morning. Ornaments have feelings too, what did you think?

So basically I’m using you to keep me company cause otherwise I have to go sort out my clothes or God forbid my shoes and that is an impossible task. Some chores are there to make us feel stressed for no reason. They never come off the list. How on Earth do you keep a closet in order? What kind of a person are you? I wanna see Marie Kondo’s closet on a Sunday. Yes, bitch I know you’re pretending like I will be pretending tomorrow that I know how to work excel blindfolded.

Are you somewhere nice today? Do you have food with you? Alcohol? Enjoy the beauty of the lazy hot Sundays cause you never know…some of you are about to be mothers, some are moving to Scandinavia (completely irrelevant), some might meet the love of your lives soon and then you have to cook for them on Sundays to show them you care. Saying that, my rice is about to explode…laters!

Photo by Rafal Wilinski on Unsplash

PS Thank you Jakob Owens on Unsplash for the shoes caption, I never thought there’s worse but you my friend really have to get off your ass and tidy those pairs today.

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