When your man goes out for drinks

I am currently on the sofa, have just downed a piece of chocolate cake and a vodka drink. I am on my third episode of Selling Sunset and thought I’d write to you guys cause I haven’t yet this week, so here you go. Many topics have ran through my mind but somehow, I just thought I must do this one. Maybe I just wanted a little break from the Netflix trash-not-that-trash that I’m watching as I type. Let me hit pause and start. Did I tell you my man is out for drinks?

First of all, there are women who hate it when their men go out for drinks. Girls, please. This is so old, get a life! At least get a secret life like me. There’s nothing better than being home alone like before you met the one and could waste your evening beyond limits. Only this is so much better cause you are not alone and this is just enough time to enjoy yourselves without actually falling in the misery path of thinking you’ll die alone after drink number 2 (which I’m gonna pour after I finish this masterpiece).

This is the time to watch the trashiest TV, the time to eat dessert from the box, to pick your nose, pop your pimples, fart and burp and what have you. Go ahead and do it. I can see you raising a brow thinking “I don’t need this, I am fine picking my nose in male presence”. Really? OK. What is it that you need peace and quiet for then? Have a bath, cry, laugh, sing. An empty house is also a quiet house. A quiet house is a gift every now and then, no?

I enjoy these rare nights home alone, sorry baby in case you read this. This piece is probably gonna ring in your mailbox while you’re still at the bar. That’s no good cause then you’ll know all I did tonight is write in my blog which instantly ruins any mystery I might still have… Hmm… Which brings me to the other side of the issue. Girls think that guys go wild when they’re out. Guys kinda think the same if you’re that type of person. In reality, if you’re the jealous kind, you’re jealous always no matter where the other person is. Take a breath.

I’ll give you a secret. Men appreciate women who don’t bust their balls every time they decide to go out and see people. Women do too. Nobody likes a crazy person making a scene every time you see your friends. Stop doing that if you do. Breathing space is vital just like a Netflix marathon is. Everybody needs their own personal space. For you it might be doing nothing, for the next person it might be having a few beers at a bar downtown. OK, let me give it to you straight. Sex is not always the reason people go out. If you’re obsessing over it you’re either in the wrong relationship or you need to take your manic psychosis to a doctor’s office. That was cruel, but it applies more times than you think.

That’s all I had to say tonight, I’m gonna go back to my Selling Sunset. I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore watching these crazy bitches wearing all these beautiful clothes and walking on high heels. It relaxes me so much. Also, they never eat! It’s amazing! One of them has actually said at one episode “I’m so hungry, I wish there was some fruit” If this isn’t the most wonderful line ever, don’t know what is.

Make sure you spread the wisdom cause I’m probably waking up tomorrow, reading this and putting it in the trash. So, you have about 8 hours to gift the gift of letting your love breathe every now and then! Alright, back to my girls now.

P.S. Honey, I never pick my nose, you know that, right?

Screenshot from the movie where the guy cheated on his perfect girl with the neighbour and got her pregnant but this was fiction

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